Crooked Teeth – What’s The Perfect Treatment for You?

Crooked Teeth – What’s The Perfect Treatment for You?

A beautiful smile has a positive impact on the overall quality of a person’s life, this is in addition to significantly improving their level of confidence. Unfortunately, not all individuals are born with a beautiful/ perfect smile. Nonetheless, this does not spell doom for such people because it is still within reach. Most people are aware of the most basic level of teeth straightening i.e. metal braces but there are also other effective methods that can be used to straighten teeth available in the dental industry today.

Effective Methods of Teeth Straightening

The following are some effective methods of teeth straightening that people may consider:

  • Invisalign Clear Aligners

These can be described as a set of custom designed trays and are normally manufactured specifically for patients. In due time, these trays gradually shift the teeth of the patient in the direction that had been prescribed by an orthodontist or dentist. They are designed to deliver a similar benefit to traditional braces but feel and look different to braces. The patient is required to discard the old aligner trays every 2 months for a new set, this should be repeated until the targeted teeth are aligned as desired. The Invisalign treatment is designed for mild to moderate conditions only. Not nearly as effective as the orthodontic braces (which we’ll talk about later), but the comfort and style makes it a more viable option for those who prefer not wearing metal brackets on their teeth.

  • Cosmetic Contouring

This is a short procedure that takes about half an hour to complete. The position, length and shape of the bothersome teeth are altered by a dentist on a single visit. A laser or a sanding drill is used to sculp the teeth through the careful removal of the enamel. This alters the shape of the tooth to a desired shape for a cosmetically appealing look. The dentist finishes up by smoothening and polishing the tooth.

  • Metal Braces

This is the most popular method of teeth straightening. It consists of four parts i.e. ligature elastic, arch wire, bonding material and brackets. The 4 units work in unison to exert effective pressure on the teeth and this is normally in a specific direction. After some time, the teeth tend to shift to their correct position. This method is less cosmetically appealing but is considerably cheaper compared to other teeth straightening methods. Other methods include lingual braces and fast braces. Choosing the perfect teeth straightening treatment for you depends entirely on your budget, condition and preference. It’s always better to ask your local dentist for his thoughts on what dental procedure is the perfect one for you.

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