Root Canal Treatment

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Do you have dental decay or an infection below the gum?

Maybe you have some dental discomfort but it’s been so long since you saw a dentist, you’re not sure why.

Our professional dentist in Glen Waverley can assess whether you are a candidate for root canal treatment. Our commitment to state-of-the-art technology ensures a smooth and painless procedure for our patients.

What Is Root Canal Treatment?

Root canal treatment is recommended when the pulp of your tooth, the central part of your tooth containing blood vessels and nerves, is infected or experiences severe decay. If this decay or infection is left untreated, your tooth could start to die, which may lead to the loss of your tooth.

In order to preserve your tooth, the infected or decayed pulp will be removed to prevent the formation of an abscess. Your professional dentist will clean, remould the root canal and then seal it with filling to prevent bacteria from infecting your tooth again. In most cases, your dentist will recommend a dental crown to cap your tooth.

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Why Would the Pulp Become Infected or Start To Die?

  • Trauma to the tooth
    A hard knock enough to affect the pulp could cause it to die.
  • Caries
    If the decay is not treated, it can move through your tooth enamel and dentine, and spread into the pulp chamber.
  • Gum disease
    In the case of severe gum disease your gum may separate from your tooth, creating a space between your gum and the tooth. Trapped bacteria can cause an infection that affects the pulp of your tooth.

How Do You Know You Need Root Canal Treatment?

An infected tooth pulp may include of the following symptoms:

    • Swelling
      Swelling can occur in the gum area around your infected tooth.
    • A spot in the gum
      Sometimes a spot in the gum is visible, where the infected matter from the root tip is collecting and draining.
    • Pain and discomfort
      The level of pain can range from a dull ache to more severe pain, or be as mild as only being noticeable while biting.You may also experience tenderness in your gum tissue, bone or lymph nodes.You may also experience sensitivity to touch, tooth discolouration, or sensitivity to cold and hot temperatures. It’s also possible not to experience any symptoms so regular dental check-ups should be scheduled on your calendar.

Early Detection is Key to Successful Treatment

If pain or discomfort is affecting your quality of life, please don’t delay. Give the team at Glen Supreme Dental a call on (03) 9802 0198. For Beautiful Dental Care.

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