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White Tooth Fillings

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White Tooth Fillings

Try as you might, even the most dedicated oral hygiene habits can’t guarantee full protection. Supreme Dental Care understands that, try as you might, cavities can make themselves right at home in the most surprising of places. If you’re diagnosed with tooth decay, you have several treatment options. From traditional amalgam fillings to the latest resin-based composite options, our clinic restores the health and beauty of your teeth.

What are Tooth Fillings? | The Fight Against Tooth Decay

For decades, the dental profession treated tooth decay with metal amalgam fillings. This in-chair procedure began by cleaning teeth and removing decay. To restore a tooth, and prevent further decay, a mixture of copper, tin, silver and mercury are poured into your damaged tooth. This treatment strengthens your tooth, but its silver appearance made it an undesirable option.

As with many industries, the last part of the 20th Century experience a boom in dental technologies. During this time, traditional procedures were replaced by more advanced options. When it comes to tooth fillings, this advancement gives patients treatment options.

At Supreme Dental Care, our dentists utilise the latest innovations in teeth restoration. We offer patients a variety of treatment options for tooth fillings. The most popular being composite white fillings.

What are Composite White Fillings?

Unlike traditional fillings, compose white fillings are practically invisible. Created out of suspended glass particles within a durable resin matrix, this tooth filling option comes in a variety of shades. In most cases, we can create a shade to perfectly blend with surrounding teeth.

Composite white fillings are made to last. When installed, these fillings bond directly with your tooth to perfectly support its function. Our dentists typically recommend composite white fillings for many restorative procedures, such as filling a cavity or fixing a chipped tooth.

Tooth Filling Procedure Methods

There are three primary methods used in tooth filling procedures, which include:

  • Direct Fillings | Ideal for smaller cavities where most of the tooth remains intact. The filling applied in layers until the perfect shape is created.
  • Semi-Direct Fillings | Used when restoring a larger portion of your tooth, it’s also applied in layers, but it’s different as it can be removed.
  • Indirect Fillings | Our dentists recommend this procedure for more complex cases where the majority of a tooth is lost due to decay. For example, a dental crown is a type of indirect filling.

Beautiful Restoration  for a Lifetime of Smiles

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