Dental Implant Pain – The Causes and Effects Explained

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Dental Implant Pain – The Causes and Effects Explained

If you’re considering going under the knife for a dental implant restoration, then your initial reaction on reading about how the tooth implant process is carried may be “ouch!”. While the thought of having to drill through bone to place a metal implant in the mouth is enough to make anyone cringe, the fact is that it’s a pain free process. What’s more, any discomfort felt post surgery, usually ceases within 7-10 days.

But what if you experience tooth implant pain after this time? What are the causes and effects? Let’s take a closer look…

Infection due to poor handling

Okay, so placing an implant is a surgical procedure and like any surgical procedure precautions need to be taken to avoid the spread of infection. The good news is that with all the modern technology we have at our disposal, this is incredibly rare. Even when it does happen, you might not always feel any immediate tooth implant pain. Moreover, if caught early enough, the problem can be dealt with quickly. However if it goes unnoticed or ignored, you may experience anything from mild to severe pain. For this reason it’s vital to have regular post implant check-ups.

Dental implant movement

When we break an arm or a leg the limb needs to remain still for the bone to properly heal. The same thing goes for a dental implant. If instead there is movement of the implant (especially during the first 8-12 weeks) then chances are, the bone won’t fuse properly with the implant. Instead, what you get is soft tissue growth, meaning the implant is unlikely to stay in position. As a result a loose implant can be painful in some cases.

Excessive stress

No not the type that you and I experience from time to time in our daily lives. Instead I’m talking about too much force on the implanted tooth! Much care is taken by dentists in the planning stages to ensure that the implant is not only the right length but is also inserted at the right trajectory. This enables the implant to absorb just the right amount of pressure when coming in contact with other teeth. However, when bite force is excessive, then aside from the possibility of implant fracture, the bone surrounding the implant will be lost. Often this can create what’s known as periodontal gum pockets where bacteria can grow. This in turn can set up a cascade of events where further tooth implant problems can ensue, including inevitable dental implant pain.

Failure to follow the dentists instructions

dental implant pain causesThe key here is not to run before you can walk! Despite the fact that in most cases healing time for tooth implants is relatively quick, it’s easy to ignore your dentist’s instructions especially if things are going well. As such, some patients may even resume excessive daily activities such as heavy exercise. Often the first thing they know is that they begin to feel greater discomfort and any tooth implant recovery time which was going well, has now been compromised. So please do follow the dentist’s instructions to the letter because after all, they probably know best!


Failure to carry out proper oral maintenance

So, you finally have your brand new dental implants and can’t wait to show the world your new smile. However before you ride off into the sunset, it’s important that you continue to maintain them. Despite the fact that implants aren’t prone to the same problems as our natural teeth, they do require thorough daily cleaning. Any excessive food particles or bacteria which aren’t removed from around the implant site can lead to an inflammation or infection of the gums which can be painful. Regular daily brushing, flossing, and visits to the dentist can help avoid this.

dental implant pain causesSo there you have it! Some of the major causes and effects of tooth implant pain. However despite the pessimistic outlook that you might derive from reading this post, it isn’t all doom and gloom. Dental implants are by far the most successful and least problematic form of missing teeth replacement, so if you’re considering undergoing tooth implant treatment then come and talk to the team at Supreme Dental Care . With over 40 years of combined experience, we’re dedicated to looking after your dental wellbeing.

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