How To Clean Invisalign Braces And Why You Really Should!

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How To Clean Invisalign Braces And Why You Really Should!

Want to know how to clean Invisalign braces? The aim of this post is to equip you with all the information necessary to keep your Invisalign aligners in a good clean condition. Invisalign aligners are marketed as the most discreet form of orthodontic treatment and rightly so. However, failure to keep them clean is likely to make them stand out for all the wrong reasons. With this in mind, let’s take a closer, more detailed look at how to clean Invisalign aligners and why you really should. Anyone who has worn aligner style appliances such as Invisalign will know that the same dental plaque and tartar that builds on your teeth is also present on your aligners. Not only will it make your Invisalign braces go a cloudy milky colour but any debris allowed to accumulate can also be a source of odour. Clearly, that’s not ideal! Therefore, the importance of adopting an Invisalign cleaning routine cannot be underestimated.

How To clean Invisalign – The Do’s and Don’ts

invisible braces in glen waverlyThe good news is that there are many ways to clean Invisalign aligners. However, it really is a case of choosing your product wisely…. Take toothpaste for example – Great for your teeth but unfortunately, not so good for your Invisalign braces. Some types of toothpaste contain certain ingredients which are abrasive and can leave micro-scratches on the surface of your Invisalign aligners. When this happens, they create great traps for harbouring more bacteria. Talking of germs, it isn’t a good idea to leave your Invisalign trays out in the open air when you’re not using them because you’ll be exposing them to even more bacteria. As a top tip…If you do leave them in the open air by accident, give them a good rinse them before you pop them back in.

What about other forms of Invisalign cleaner?

How to clean your Invisalign retainer at home The makers behind Invisalign – Align Technologies – have their own cleaning product specifically for cleaning Invisalign aligners. This is marketed as the Invisalign cleaning system. It comes in the form of dissolvable crystals and is pretty effective. However, it’s also a little pricey. The good news is there are also a wide variety of other store bought Invisalign cleaning products that won’t cause harm to your aligners. Effervescent tablets used for soaking dentures, for example, can also be used to clean Invisalign aligners. If you’re wondering ‘How often should you clean your Invisalign?’ then for a best Invisalign cleaning routine, this practice should be adopted daily. Natural Invisalign cleaners So, what about a natural Invisalign cleaner? Are there any products out there that work just as well? Products such as heavily diluted hydrogen peroxide, vinegar and even bleach-based products have been proven to shift Invisalign staining and yellowing. Aside from being inexpensive, many people have these products to hand.

How to clean an Invisalign retainer at home – What about mouthwash?

Many types of mouthwashes make anti-bacterial claims. This, plus the fact that most products have a pleasant flavour, makes it easy for people to jump to the conclusion that this must be the perfect cleaning agent for Invisalign trays. In reality, when it comes to understanding how to clean Invisalign, you should know that this is a bad idea. Why? Because in many cases any alcohol contained with the product can react with the Invisalign trays and weaken or damage them. But even if you opted for a ‘no alcohol’ version for cleaning your Invisalign aligners, there are reports that the dyes used to colour the product (especially red) can discolour your Invisalign trays. Instead use some of the methods above and you’ll stand a better chance of eradicating Invisalign problems rather than aiding them. So there you have it… Hints and tips on how to clean Invisalign to ensure your mouth and your aligners stay healthy. But just in case you missed some of them, here’s a quick recap on top Invisalign cleaning tips….

Cleaning Invisalign Braces- top tips

• Only clean your Invisalign trays with recommended shop bought or natural products with a proven track record. • Always ensure your Invisalign aligner isn’t left in the open air – Better to use your Invisalign case for storage • Always remove your Invisalign tray before eating and drinking anything but water • Ensure teeth and mouth are thoroughly clean (brushing and flossing) before inserting. If you have any doubts about how to clean and maintain your Invisalign aligners, then do contact the team at Supreme Dental Care in Glen Waverley who are only too pleased to help. Call us on (03) 9802 0198

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