Teeth Whitening Options – Home or Professional What’s Best?

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Teeth Whitening Options – Home or Professional What’s Best?

Let’s face it, who doesn’t want a Hollywood smile? People with gleaming white smiles seem so confident and attractive so why wouldn’t you be keen to investigate teeth whitening options? Getting your teeth whitened could just elevate your appearance and who knows what else it could bring. The biggest obstacle to attaining a gleaming white smile is the natural colour of your teeth. Did you know that few people are blessed with really white teeth? Some people are born with less white teeth than others, and as we age, teeth naturally appear darker in colour. Don’t worry, most people’s teeth will bleach to some degree using hydrogen peroxide, but they may not be as white as they would like.

Hydrogen peroxide formula

If you’re looking for home teeth whitening products there are several whitening products available from your local store to choose from, including whitening toothpaste, rinses, strips, and take home whitening kits. All of these products contain a degree of hydrogen peroxide which according to Australian law cannot be greater than 6%, or 18% in the case of carbamate peroxide. If a dental professional is whitening your teeth, then they’re allowed to use whitening treatments with a hydrogen peroxide concentration of 35% or higher. At home teeth whitening kits are one of the most popular methods of whitening teeth – they’re also one of the most affordable options. The problem is that the results don’t always live up to expectations and you can be left feeling disappointed.

So what’s the solution?

• Cheap whitening trays don’t provide the best fit for the contours of your mouth since everyone is different. As a result, you could be left with uneven whitening or a ‘Zebra’ smile – not the greatest look . • Ill-fitting trays can cause the hydrogen peroxide bleaching gel to come into contact with your gums or soft tissues of the mouth. This can cause stinging or irritation and in the worse case scenario permanent chemical burns. • Hydrogen peroxide can also cause your teeth to feel sensitive to temperature and touch, although in most cases this will disappear after a few days. Teeth whitening strips may not fare much better either. These stick to the outside of the teeth, and again because the hydrogen peroxide bleaching agent may not be touching each tooth, you could be left with uneven results. Whitening toothpaste and rinses are easier to use at home but while they make your mouth feel clean and fresh, it can take many months of use before you notice any difference to the whiteness of your teeth, if any.

The risks of home whitening trays

teeth-whiteningIt’s always best to visit your dentist for advice about teeth whitening options. Were you aware for instance that teeth whitening treatments containing hydrogen peroxide don’t work on crowns, veneers, and fillings so if you have your teeth whitened, these could stand out. Your dentist will be able to identify the reason for your tooth discolouration. It may be due to medication that you’re taking or an underlying dental issue. You may even have gum disease, which will need to be addressed before any whitening can take place. Some teeth simply aren’t suitable for teeth whitening with hydrogen peroxide and your dentist may instead suggest other alternatives

Benefits of professional teeth whitening

At Glen Supreme, we use the Opalescence Gold method of teeth whitening. Its innovative technology produces great results and what our patients love best about it, is its flexibility. If you’re in a hurry to get your teeth whitened for say a special date or a job interview, then we can use an in-chair procedure which takes no more than an hour. If you prefer to take your time then Opalescence Gold also provides take-home whitening kits. The benefits of these include: • Bespoke trays which fit your mouth’s exact specifications • The convenience of whitening your teeth at home in your own time • We monitor your progress Because Opalescence comes in a variety of concentrations and flavours, we can address any sensitivity issues that you may have experienced previously from hydrogen peroxide. If you’re looking for local teeth whitening in Glen Waverley then Glen Supreme Dental can help. Why not call on (03) 9802 0198 to book an appointment with our friendly team. We’d love to give you the white smile of your dreams.

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