Teeth Whitening Strips Review – How To Spot A Bogus One

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Teeth Whitening Strips Review – How To Spot A Bogus One

Google the term ‘teeth whitening strips review’ and it returns over 11,300 perfect match search results. While that will be enough to keep you busy, how do you know if they’re all genuine; and ultimately if you are seeking ways to whiten teeth, how do you then know the right product to buy? Used properly reviews have become an inspection tool for all sorts of products and services and are indispensable for a wide variety of purchases. However, a ‘teeth whitening strips review’ just like any other review can be (in some cases) somewhat biased. So how do you know what to look for in a solid teeth whitening product review? The bottom line is that you don’t. There’s no guarantee that a glowing review of a particular teeth whitening strips product is actually the real deal and clearly, this doesn’t help anyone seeking say the ‘best over the counter teeth whitener’. That said, there are things you can look for that may make the teeth whitening reviewer appear somewhat suspect. Let’s take a closer look.

There’s zero information about the reviewer

Some sites such as Amazon try to match the reviewer to a particular teeth whitening purchase or at the very least use some seal of approval before the person can review. But while this isn’t going to weed out all fake entries, it’s a good place to start. As a result take the reviews of users who haven’t posted before or have little or no information about them, with a pinch of salt.

Teeth whitening reviews and opinions are either all or nothing

Sometimes when you visit a review site, there could be multiple posts stating something like “these are the best white strips for teeth whitening that money can buy” or words to that effect. Generally, there are no balanced reasons for reaching those conclusions and they’re usually kept short and to the point. As such these type of ‘best dental whitening strips by far’ reviews do tend to stand out if you look at them closely.

Several whitening strips reviews are posted at once

Under normal circumstances, a genuine reviewer would post a teeth whitening strip review when they’ve given the product a good road test. So it’s more likely the case that reviews of such products will be spread apart. Therefore when you get a whole slew of glowing teeth whitening strips reviews, there’s a strong possibility that many of them are likely to be spurious.

They fail to mention details

As with any product review and teeth whitening strips are no exception, with fake reviews there is unlikely to be a lot of detail in the post. Instead, reviews tend to be general in nature. If you think about it, if the reviewer hasn’t genuinely used the whitening product, then it isn’t easy to post a detailed review. So when it comes to spotting a fake, let’s just say that the devil is most definitely in the detail. Speaking of detail…this brings us nicely onto our last point…

They’re normally very short

teeth whiteningNormally when someone is satisfied or dissatisfied with a teeth whitening product they’ll take the time to write a detailed review as to why that is. On the contrary, a fake reviewer is unlikely to have too much to say and as many of the so-called ‘fake review content mills’ pay a few cents per review posted, they’re less likely to write a longer post. Hopefully, this will give you all the tools you need to spot a fake teeth whitening review and allow you to do your homework properly before you buy the best teeth whitening strips for you. However, just in case you still aren’t sure what constitutes the best whitening product let’s take a quick look. Avoid cheap whitening strips – If it’s too good to be true, then it probably is – You get what you pay for. Higher concentration means faster and better results – Over the counter teeth whitening strips can have concentrations of hydrogen peroxide ranging from 4% right up to (in some cases) 14%. Generally speaking, the higher the concentration, the better the results. Clear concise instructions – Don’t buy teeth whitening strips that contain instructions that are confusing or unclear. Stick with recognised brands – Reputable companies will invest a lot of money in testing and their reputation, so sticking with recognised brands may be less of a risk than opting for a product manufactured by a lesser known company. So there you have it… everything you need to know about teeth whitening reviews and what to look out for in the best teeth whitening strips. For further information, or if you’re looking for other ways to whiten teeth, then we deliver the most glamorous smiles in Glen Waverley. So give Supreme Dental Care a call on (03) 9802 0198 and let us show you what we can do for you.

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