Yellow Teeth Causes And Effects

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Yellow Teeth Causes And Effects

It is everyone’s desire to look good all the time. A great smile will undoubtedly contribute to that, and we cannot avoid smiles at all times. When you have yellow teeth, it may not be so pleasing to offer smiles to everyone you comes across. Therefore a discolored smile can be undesirable to look at, and at times you may not get the same smile. This condition can make you lose your confidence and become irritated by your smile. This may even prompt someone to keep on hiding his/her teeth. And this might not be possible a hundred percent, and that is why we should know what causes yellow teeth so that we do not fall into that category.

Some people have naturally discolored teeth while others obtain them from various kinds of food. These may include tea, coffee, and wine which may contribute entirely to yellowing of your teeth. Smoking is also a leading cause because of the large puffs of smoke which emanate from the smoker’s mouth and this is a primary cause of yellow teeth. Poor oral hygiene maintenance is another cause of discolored teeth, and those who fail to take good care of their teeth may fall into this category. Teeth can also become yellow with age. As you age up, your teeth do not appear as white as when you were a small child with milk teeth. Aging even results to wearing down of the enamel of the teeth and this increases the change in teeth color.

Even as we try to find out more about what causes yellow teeth, the consumptions we make daily may also be a leading factor in change teeth color. Medications may be another factor resulting in this condition. Elements such as tetracycline, antipsychotic and those of high blood pressure are a good example of the drugs which aid in yellowing our teeth. This is because they contain certain chemicals which speed up teeth decay and as we consume these drugs time by time, the chemicals accumulate more resulting to yellowing of the teeth. Even chemicals found in mouth washes and mouth rinses also contain elements which may result to yellowing of teeth. These may include elements of chlorhexidine and also cetyl Pyridium which constitute of the chemicals in these mouth washes. A little bit of usage is not wrong but regular usage over an extended period may cause your teeth to start turning color.

Visiting the dentist is a proper mechanism for controlling our teeth from turning yellow. We should always start by proper hygiene and take good care of our teeth. This will make them look healthy most of the time. Proper brushing technique should be adopted because improper brushing may damage the gums and when the gums are damaged, bacteria tend to get a healthy living environment, and this may also contribute to the effect of yellow teeth. Brushing should be done twice a day, and without brushing, we risk ourselves by exposing our teeth to bacteria.

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